[VIDEO] Vegan Notices Something Unusual In His Vegan Pizza…Then He Goes Crazy

Can vegans get any more annoying?

Popular YouTube blogger and outspoken vegan Matthew Blunt is taking the internet by storm. A recent video he uploaded is getting tons of views and comments – but not for the reason he expected.

Blunt posted the video of him eating a pizza ordered for him by his mother. The pizza includes no cheese and no egg in the dough – a true delicacy for a vegan. As he ate the pizza, he noticed something unusual in the sauce. As he continued to investigate, he discovered a small speck of cheese that was used in making the sauce.

Clearly on edge, Blunt called the restaurant to ask about the sauce. He asks, “Do you guys have any animal products in your sauce?” After obviously not receiving the answer he was hoping for, Blunt reacted by throwing his phone on the ground and tossing the pizza box and plate on the floor, truly a natural and mature reaction to finding a tiny piece of cheese in your pizza sauce.

Blunt left the room, and came back in vigorously flossing his teeth. He then delivered a profanity-laced tirade against the pizza shop.

As if vegans weren’t already annoying enough.

Watch Blunt throw a hilarious tantrum in the video below (16:00 minutes in):

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