Women Are Such Bad Drivers That China Is Going To Extraordinary Lengths To Separate Them From Men

What a time to be alive.

Parking lots in southeast China are sparking outrage with the introduction of parking spaces that are 50 percent wider than normal, designated specifically for female drivers.

The spaces, painted pink with the international symbol for women in the center, were created as a way for women to park more easily, due to the stereotype (now apparently true) that women are bad drivers.

After noticing how “carelessly” female drivers were parking, or that they had issues reversing into parking spots, Pan Zhuren, the director of the service area shown, made the decision to include the spaces in the lot.

Although the parking spaces were added back in March, news about the spots only recently found their way onto various Chinese social media sites.

Many users are accusing the parking spaces to be a form of sexism.

“True respect for women entails letting women enjoy the same rights as men,” said one user on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

However, Zhuren argues that this has nothing to do with sexism. He stressed that he added the spaces to “better serve” female drivers and to help protect their safety. A nice and very subtle “fuck you”.

What do you think?

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