[VIDEO] Guy Perfectly Explains Why “Men Have It Worse Than Women”…Girl Gets Pissed

Logic hurts.

Comedian, actor, and man Gavin McInnes was on the Greg Gutfeld show when the topic of gender equality came up.  He didn’t waste a second throwing his hat into the ring when the host asked, “Women want total equality.  Is this total equality?”

Gavin responded,

“Equality sucks.  By every metric, men have it worse off.”

McInnes supported his statement by rattling off a series of statistics:

We’re more likely to get raped…We’re more likely to be assaulted…We’re more likely to die…We’re more likely to commit suicide.”

As you can tell by the woman’s face next to him, she was not happy.  All that she could muster up as a response was that men were “not as smart or as good looking as women.”

McInnes even had a response ready for her rebuttel.  He said that men have a wider range of intellect (more geniuses and more dumbasses), something that’s been scientifically proven.

What do you think?

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