5 Dumb Ass Articles Floating Around On The Internet

So bad…

We’ve all been there.  You’re innocently scrolling through your Facebook news feed or surfing the internet, when you come upon an article that leaves you speechless by it’s sheer stupidity.  Unfortunately for us, the internet is flooded with shitty articles like these.  Here are some of the internet’s absolute worst.

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1.) The Impossible Transformation.

Check it out guys, just by reducing the time frame of when you eat, you’ll instantly turn from a blob to straight up hunk. Yep, it’s that easy. I mean, just look at the before and after picture there. It’s articles like these that make me want to never come back on the internet. The worst part about them? They work! There’s clearly a lot of idiots out there who believe this nonsense and actually click on this garbage. If nobody clicked on them, we’d all be sparred!

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