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What is a news anchor's or reporter's hourly schedule like?

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19 Jul 2023

What is a news anchor's or reporter's hourly schedule like?

Introduction to a Day in the Life of a News Anchor or Reporter

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a news anchor or reporter looks like? Well, it's not all glitz and glamor. Behind the camera, they have a lot of research, interviews, and scriptwriting to do. Let's dive into their hourly schedule and get a glimpse into their busy lives.

Early Morning Preparation

The day for a reporter or news anchor often starts in the early morning. They wake up before the sun rises, sometimes as early as 3 am, to prepare for the day. This time is used to catch up on the day's news, read through scripts, prepare for interviews, and get ready for the day. They have to be up-to-date with everything happening around the world, and this sometimes requires reading news from other sources.

Off to the Newsroom

After the early morning preparation, they then head to the newsroom. Depending on the media house they work for, this could involve a short commute or a long drive. Once in the newsroom, they meet with the producers and news director to discuss the day's news agenda, review scripts, and finalize story assignments.

Field Reporting and Interviews

For reporters, a significant part of their day is spent in the field gathering information for their stories. This involves conducting interviews, visiting scenes, and collecting data. They might also have to film stand-ups, which are the parts of the news story where the reporter is seen on camera. Reporters often have to deal with changing circumstances, like last-minute story changes or unpredictable weather conditions.

Scriptwriting and Editing

Once the information is gathered, the reporter then has to write a script for the news story. This involves structuring the story in a way that it's easy to understand, engaging, and accurate. After writing, they have to edit the script, ensuring it fits within the time allocated for it in the news bulletin. They might also have to work with video editors to ensure the visuals match the script.

Rehearsals and Makeup

For news anchors, as the broadcast time approaches, they have to go through makeup and wardrobe. This is to ensure they look presentable on camera. They also have to rehearse their scripts, familiarize themselves with the teleprompter, and coordinate with the studio crew.

Live Broadcast

The most intense part of the day for both news anchors and reporters is the live broadcast. This is when they go on-air to present the news. For anchors, this involves introducing news stories, conducting live interviews, and sometimes providing commentary on the news. For reporters, this might involve being live on the scene of a news event.

Post-Broadcast Review and Planning

After the broadcast, the anchor or reporter often has a debriefing session with the news director and producers. They review the broadcast, discuss what went well, and what could have been done better. They also start planning for the next day's news, setting up interviews, and deciding on story assignments.


In conclusion, a news anchor or reporter's day is long and intense. It involves a lot of preparation, research, writing, and communicating. Despite the challenges and the pressure, it can be a rewarding profession for those who have a passion for news and storytelling.

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