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What do people in other countries think of Fox News?

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29 Jul 2023

What do people in other countries think of Fox News?

A Worldwide Perspective on Fox News

Let's head straight into the thick of it, as usual. Fox News. Yes, you heard me, Fox News. The name alone either rings a bell of devotion or a clang of consternation, depending on who you ask. Although universally known in the United States, it piqued my curiosity to uncover what folks from across the seven seas think about this distinctive media behemoth. So, we cross borders, dive into different cultures and navigate the treacherous waters of diverse political landscapes to give you 'the world's take on Fox’. And you can bet your housecat, Oscar is keeping a close eye on it.

The European Landscape – Fox Plays to a Different Beat

Europe proudly strut its diversity – not just in its rich cultures and histories, but also in its nuanced media landscapes. Here, the reception of Fox News is intriguing, with degrees of welcome as varied as the regions themselves. The network's conservative stance proves to be a significant point of divergence within European borders.

Taking the United Kingdom as a notable case. Here, we have as many opinions as there are flavours of tea. As someone who's currently living in Manchester and indulges in a good brew, even my fellow Brits' views on Fox News are somewhat interesting to decode.

According to a survey from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, there's a distinct bias among Brit audiences towards the BBC and other domestic news providers. Part of this is undoubtedly due to the powerful sense of national identity the Brits feel towards the BBC. Fox News, along with other American media outlets, somewhat plays second fiddle, but they do have their niche audience, inclusive of the conservatives and those curious about the American sociopolitical landscape.

Your Neighbour Down South: Latin America

Across the pond and heading to our South American neighbours, the reception is almost like the continent’s signature drink – the Pisco Sour. Sure, it's tart and sour at first sip, but there's a sweetness as you delve deeper. Essentially, it's a mixed bag of reactions.

The conservative stance of Fox News often resonates well with the Latin American right-wing folks. Viewers appreciate the often candid viewpoint they believe isn't provided by other networks. But again, it's not all cherries and pies. The network's portrayal of immigration issues, particularly those involving Latin Americans, leaves a bitter taste for most viewers from this region.

Surprisingly, the Fox News Latino online platform had been making strides to connect better with the Hispanic community. However, I was a tad bit late in my search as they closed down in 2016. Just like a missed chance on a spicy Chilean Empanada. If you have the chance though, do give it a try! Spicy and oh-so-delicious!

Middle East and Africa – A Dance Across Deserts and Savannahs

Moving on to the lands of shifting sands and sprawling savannahs – The Middle East and Africa. Here, the views on Fox News are as diverse as its landscapes, with sentiments ranging from open acceptance to outright rejection.

In the Middle East, Fox News' coverage of issues pertaining to Islam and the Middle-Eastern geopolitical scenario often becomes a bone of contention. While some viewers subscribe to the network for its unfiltered take on global affairs, an equivalent faction criticizes the network for its perceived bias and incendiary content.

When we look towards Africa, countries that have stronger ties with America tend to have a denser viewer base for Fox News. I planned this big trip to Kenya last year and happened to meet this wildlife guide, Mutiso (fascinating guy by the way). As our safari vehicle skittered across the African plains with the majestic Kilimanjaro in the backdrop, Mutiso explained to me that while locally focused channels dominate the landscape, there’s a growing popularity for global media, Fox News included. However, Africa is grappling with a much more pressing issue of improving universal access and affordability of digital technology, compared to dissecting Western news ideology.

East Asia - The Rising Sun and The Red Dragon

A quick dash across the Indian Ocean, and we find ourselves under the towering Mt. Fuji and amidst the prancing neon dragons of Hong Kong. East Asia, home to the world's second and third-largest economies, presents a kaleidoscope of public opinion on Fox News.

Given the intense American influence post-WW2, Japan, surprisingly, doesn't seem largely concerned with Fox or any other American media outlets. Now, in China, the scenario is a notch more complex. The 'Great Firewall of China', censorship, and competing local networks hinder nationwide access to Fox News. But that doesn't imply that it's entirely out of the Chinese landscape. There've been instances when Fox's reportage has been cited or utilized as diplomatic and strategic tools.

Remember, we mentioned the 40% chance of a personal anecdote? Well, here it comes. A couple of years back, while showing off my abysmal Mandarin skills at a Beijing teahouse, I overheard a lively debate on American channels - CNN, Fox, MSNBC - you name it, they were discussing it. Albeit limited, there's definitely an interest in Fox News and its counterparts among China's urban, educated populace.

So, that's our whistle-stop tour around the globe, as we traverse diverse points of view on the American news goliath - Fox News. Whether it's Europe's mixed bag of reactions, Latin America's sour-sweet response, the Middle East and Africa's teetering balance of acceptance and rejection, or East Asia's intriguing play, one thing's clear - Fox News has established a global footprint. Like a jazz tune, clashing, colliding and chiming as it dances around the world - it's been quite the journey!

As for Oscar, he's certainly engrossed in his catnip mouse. But I like to think he's learned a thing or two about Fox News too!

Maverick Harrington
Maverick Harrington

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