Cutting Crown Molding Guide

August 14, 2020 by No Comments

Learning how to cut crown molding can make your head spin if your’re not doing it exacty right. It actually causes a a lot of headaches for people. Don’t feel bad, there are countless people like you are having the same frustration.

Today, we’re only going to do the non-Compound method. So, you only have to worry about the miter angle and can ignore bevel angles. That’s means we’re going to learn how to cut crown molding while it’s “nested” in the miter box.

Crown molding’s not the same as casing or base board trim

When cutting casing or base board trim, you would either hold your piece vertically or flat on the miter saw. This isn’t the case with crown molding. Don’t hold it vertical, and don’t hold it flat.

Hold the crown molding like it’s installed

If you’re thinking of cutting your molding flat the non-compound way, you shouldn’t. The best way to hold crown molding is at a 45-degree angle nested in the fence. You’ll want it held against the fence looking just like it’s being installed up against the ceiling….except…you’ll hold it upside down on the saw table.

Picture yourself standing on your head when you place your molding on the saw, then you’ll know it’s facing the right way.

Inside and outside corners

When you hold your crown molding up against an inside corner, you’ll notice the longer side of your molding is at the bottom. Think of the reverse for an outside corner…the longer side would be at the top of the piece instead.

Now don’t forget, you’ll put the “ceiling” part of the molding on the bottom when cutting, and the “wall side” up against the fence vertical.

Well, now you have some miter saw basics on how to cut crown molding. In a future article we’ll start diving a bit further with compound cuts and what to do if your room isn’t perfectly square.

Now let’s get cutting some miters!