This Social Justice Warrior Has A Problem That’s Too Funny Not To Laugh At… Seriously

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Stanford University is well known as a haven of SJWs and crazy student groups, and one women on campus wants to change that… well, kinda.

What Stanford senior and Stanford Daily columnist Lily Zheng  actually thinks is that there’s so many SJWs that she’s having a hard time being an SJW.

Zheng focuses her writing primarily on “consent culture, queer and trans identity, social justice and activism” and recently asked her readers in they thought there were too many student groups on campus.

She writes:

When activism was the sole purview of a dedicated core of activists (and I could count the major student groups and movements involved on my hands), a large focus was placed on mobilization, resource creation and campus-wide change. Burnout was common and intersectionality was rare, but communities were tight-knit and supportive.

The rapid creation of new student groups over the past few years has taken the core of activist mobilization, split it into a hundred pieces and scattered them across campus. Paradoxically, Stanford now has more events, more speakers, more projects and more interest around social justice and activism even as it has less collaboration, less coordination, less event attendance and less movement-building. Burnout is still common (though now it’s intersectional burnout), and our communities, organizing and work have become as scattered as our student groups.

Wow, so she’s annoyed that people are latching onto her crazy ideas? The point of activism is to change the hearts and minds of people, not so that you can feel like you’re in an edgy minority.

She even said, “It’s with all this in mind that I wonder if all this interest is making activism harder, not easier.”

I mean, if you want to have less events run by SJWs, and less chances to pour out your nonsense, I’m not going to stop you, but it does make me question your logic even further.

What happened to Stanford? They used to meld the minds of some of the greatest thinkers of our time! Just the name “Stanford” used to bring to mind grand images of lawyers, scientists, engineers, scholars, and other prestigious occupations. Now, it seems to be a hotbed for professional victims and SJWs that have nothing better to do but build up mountains of debt while taking classes for their degree that’s about as useful as a major in underwater basket weaving.

This cannibalistic movement has been headed towards this point for a while. We’ve seen feminists attacking game developers that tried to be inclusive by adding female characters, we’ve watched black feminists attacking white feminists for their “privilege,” trans rights activists have attacked gays in a pissing match of who struggles more, etc, etc. It’s in the nature of these groups to attack anyone who thinks their group is more marginalized, lest they win the victimization olympics.

I mean, if activism and protesting is what’s destroying this movement, I’m tempted to grab a sign myself to help…

Sorry, Lily Zheng, but this breakdown has been a long time coming, and you’re not going to catch any of us crying over it.

H/T: The Stanford Daily




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