Woman Fakes Sexual Assault Because… Trump

Can’t make this up.

Look, whether you love or hate Trump, this is insanity. This may be the worst excuse for faking a rape charge I’ve ever heard of. I mean, everyone else in this country who didn’t support Trump simply woke up the next day, went to work or school, and moved on with their lives. You’re going to ruin someone else’s life just because you didn’t get your own way? How does falsely accusing someone of rape help anyone’s situation?

If she doesn’t go to prison or get some other type of stiff penalty, our criminal justice system will have failed.

From q13fox.com:

“A woman who claimed in a Facebook post that she was a victim of a sexual assault and that Kirkland Police responded but did not investigate, made it all up.

Police say the woman, who they did not identify, admitted she fabricated the entire event. She told police she posted the false claim because she was “distraught over the recent election.”

On November 11, the Kirkland Police Department received an email from a concerned citizen. It was a Facebook post from a female who stated she was sexually assaulted. She said Kirkland Police responded but would not investigate the case or even file a police report.

After a weeklong investigation officials finally tracked down the author of the original post at her work in Kirkland.

During the interview, the woman admitted she fabricated the entire event, and no assault occurred, and the Kirkland Police were never called.

No word if charges will be filed.

“The Kirkland Police Department has worked very hard to gain the trust and cooperation of the citizens of Kirkland and continues every day to build on this trust through transparency and accountability.

False reports such as this can cast doubt on an agencies reputation,” the Kirkland Police Department said in a release.”

Sadly, this false rape accusation epidemic will probably only get worse. With the media giving so much attention to people like Mattress Girl and the Duke Lacross team accuser, more and more disturbed and delusional women will start seeing this as either a way to get attention and pity or a way to exercise power over men they dislike.

H/T: q13fox.com

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