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Wife Of Denver Broncos Player Files For Divorce And The Timing Couldn’t Be More Suspicious

But it had nothing to do with the money.

Denver Bronco WR Emmanuel Sanders was blindsided when his wife, Gabriella, filed for divorce back in October. Gabriella Sanders is divorcing Emanuel because: “the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict or conflict off personalities”, as reported by TMZ. OK. This scenario seems pretty reasonable. We’re not getting along, let’s get a divorce.

But wait, there’s more.

Gabriella is looking to score big as she is asking the courts for custody of their two children, a restraining order against Sanders, and she wants a “disproportionate” share of their assets”. Ironically, Sander is scheduled to make $13.2 million (includes $10 Million dollar signing bonus) this year from his 3 year $33 million dollar contract. We question Gabriella’s motives and the timing of her filing. Logically, Sanders has the financial means to take care of his children, but the U.S Justice System favor women in regards to family law. In most family law cases, men are stripped of their assets and they have the rights to their children restricted or denied.

Below is the full story as reported by TMZ:

Gabriella Sanders — who is due this month — filed divorce docs in Texas at the end of October, a few days before the couple’s 3 year wedding anniversary.
According to the court docs, GS says “the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities,” but doesn’t say exactly what caused the split.
It doesn’t seem pretty, because the judge gave Gabriella a temporary restraining order to keep the wide receiver away from her and their Texas home until further notice.
The judge did give the NFLer “limited access” to their 2-year-old son and future daughter.
In the docs, Gabriella’s also asking for child support and a “disproportionate share” of their assets, because she says the divorce is Emmanuel’s fault.
We reached out to his camp, but they had no comment at this time.

Gabriella had their baby girl Tuesday afternoon, and Emmanuel was there in the delivery room. He posted a pic which makes it seem like they buried their differences, at least for today.

In summary, the court system usually rules against men in regards to custody issues. Men are usually stripped of their assets and their custody rights. In particularly, men of affluence are extorted and must pay a healthy ransom to end a bad relationship or to be a part of their children’s lives. In today’s society one must be beware of those individuals looking for a relationship and those looking for an opportunity.


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