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Feminist Infighting Makes For Really, Really Good Entertainment

Looks like feminazis are finally good for something.

I don’t know whether I should be shaking my head that social justice warriors (SJWs) are going to the lengths that they are, or rub my hands together in glee because SJWs are starting to turn on each other.

Barnard College has a president that is resigning soon, and students are already clamoring to replace her with someone more diverse. Apparently there’s something called “white feminism” that they’re trying to defeat…

From The College Fix:

Transgender woman of color, preferably.

In other words, they don’t want another white woman – and preferably not a heterosexual.

Debora Spar told the student body earlier this month she would leave Barnard in March to become the president of Lincoln Center.

Students quickly flooded message boards, expressing their dissatisfaction and sadness with how Spar had led the college and demanding that the next president look nothing like her.

Posts from a public Facebook forum, Overheard @ Barnard, show the disdain that many students have for Spar as a paragon of “white feminism.”


“White feminism”? What the hell? If feminists are fighting for equality, why are you attacking someone for being of a certain race? Seriously, none of this makes any sense.

“Can we write a letter and get like all of the students to sign it… no more white presidents [please],” student Talia Kay wrote on the page. “It’d be great if [we seniors] ushered in our last year by advocating for the administration to hire a woman of color to fill the position.”

Student Josh Zoeller of Columbia University, which is affiliated with Barnard, then chimed in: “hire a Native American woman.”


Upon hearing Spar’s pending resignation, Barnard student Krish JB wrote: “We gone finally have that WoC [woman of color] now?”

Krish, who identifies as “he/they,” then suggested they should ask for “maybe even a TWoC,” meaning a nonwhite transgender woman such as actress Laverne Cox.


Though Spar oversaw Barnard’s transition to an admissions policy that welcomes transgender applicants who “consistently live and identify” as women, Barnard was late to the change compared to other women’s colleges.”

I can only wonder what would happen if they got what they wanted. If they had a trans black feminist for president, what would they get next? Would they eventually turn on that person for someone more “diverse”?

H/T: The College Fix

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