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Things Are So Out Of Contorl Now That Feminists Are Demanding Monthly Menstrual Leave

But what about the wage gap?

Lemme get this straight, feminists are demanding monthly time off for their periods in the name of equality?

From BBC:

Several provinces in China now have laws in place to ensure women can take a day or two a month off work if they suffer from period pain. Events organiser Churan Zheng regularly takes menstrual leave, and says it is an essential option for every woman.

Seriously? First they complain about not making the same as us for the same amount of work, then they don’t want to do the same amount of work? If I’m working every workday that month, and a female coworker is taking 2 days off for “monthly issues”, then we’re not doing the same amount of work!

You should be able to take time off for personal issues, we should all be able to agree on that, but having a law that requires women to be given additional time is just ridiculous.

Not to mention the unintended consequences here. The people demanding this law want to make sure that women get special rights within their workplaces. The outcome would be that the women who hold jobs would get this special treatment, but the amount of women being hired would suffer immensely. If you had a choice between two equal candidates, but one of them is probably going to require more paid time off than the other, which would you hire for the health of your company? All they’re doing is creating a hiring bias against themselves.

There’s plenty of women who don’t want this and find it demeaning, like Claire Cohen of The Telegraph:

Let’s be clear: periods are rotten. But they are a natural process. The answer to stomach cramps is not to force half the population to hide away at home like bleeding hermits, quietly shedding the lining of their wombs in solitary confinement.

We don’t need ‘thoughtful’ male bosses to patronise us into resting up. What we need is to grit our teeth, like we’ve always done, pop a paracetamol and to be allowed to get on with our jobs.

Sure, for a percentage of women, period pain can be seriously debilitating. I get that. But, in such circumstances, their needs should be accommodated by their employer’s existing sick policy.

H/T: BBC & The Telegraph

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