McGregor Demanded Equity Stake In The UFC… Look Who Just Gave It To Him

Dude is on top of his game right now.

Conor McGregor wants to own a piece of the UFC, and if you ask me, he’s earned it! Whenever anyone mentions the UFC, who’s the first person who comes to mind? He’s been giving way more than he’s been getting, and he knows it!

From Daily Star:

“McGregor revealed his desire to own shares in mixed martial arts’ premiere organisation after his emphatic second-round KO victory over Eddie Alvarez, a triumph that saw him claim the lightweight title and become the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time.

“If you want to come at me, if you want me to stick around and help service that debt and continue to push the company, bring me on board, for real,” said McGregor.

“I need to be set for life for this. If you want me to be truly on board, then I need to be all-in on this proper, as an owner and have an equity stake in the company. That’s what I’m looking for.”

‘The Notorious’ was also irked by the fact that celebs like Conan O’Brian has a stake in the company and he doesn’t.

“I’ve earned something,” McGregor said. “I’ve earned, I mean, who owns the company now?

“There’s people who have shares in the company, celebrities, Conan O’Brien owns the UFC now, so, where’s my share? Where’s my equity? I’m the one that’s banking this.”

One of the celebs who has shares in the UFC is actor Mark Wahlberg.

Wahlberg is a big fan of McGregor’s and has offered him some of his stake in the company.

“Cut the check,” Mark Wahlberg to TMZ. “As a matter of fact I’ll give him a piece of my [share] because he is the face of the UFC right now. He deserves that.

“He’s a hustler like me, so there’s probably a lot of opportunities for us to go out and make money together.””

From Rolling Stone:

“It’s difficult to argue with McGregor’s point [of wanting to own a stake in the UFC.] Several years ago the idea of a fighter owning an actual piece of the UFC would be dismissed as laughable. However, McGregor’s rise to the top of the sport has been unprecedented. He walks a road all his own and transcends fighting and all the rules that have previously applied.

Moreover, McGregor’s numbers back up his reasoning. He has competed three times in 2016, and win or lose, every fight turns into a more grandiose spectacle than the last. His two fights with Nate Diaz at UFC 196 in March and UFC 202 in August drew a combined $18.8 million in live gate sales and reportedly broke the UFC pay-per-view record each time with more than 3 million total buys.”

H/T: Daily Star and Rolling Stone

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