Feminist Says She Doesn’t Care That A 2-Year-Old Was Killed By An Alligator Because…

It doesn't get any more disgusting than this.

From The Daily Wire:

Tuesday night outside a Walt Disney World hotel, a 2-year-old boy was snatched by an alligator and dragged into a lagoon in front of his vacationing parents. The father, attempting to rescue his baby boy, wrestled the alligator in vain. Tragically, the toddler was found dead on Wednesday.

Upon the report of the gut-wrenching incident, a disgusting racist feminist known as “Brienne of Snarth” on Twitter felt the need to voice her reprehensible views on the matter. She didn’t care that the 2-year-old was killed in front of his family. After all, the father—suffering through undoubtedly the worst tragedy he will ever face—was a white male.Therefore, the toddler’s death was an act of “social justice,” according to the feminist.