[VIDEO] Are Woman As Funny As Men? Christopher Hitchens Explains The Answer

Spoiler: He doesn't think so.

Renowned author, journalist, and philosopher Christopher Hitchens enraged feminists around the world when he wrote an article titled “Why Women Aren’t Funny” in 2007.  In short, Hitchens explained that men needed to develop being funny as an evolutionary trait to get laid.  Women didn’t.

Of course, every single successful female comedian (all three of them) was quick to rebut the claim, pointing to the numerous, obviously lesbian comedians they thought were hilarious.

Well, Hitchens responded in video, and perfectly explained the situation.

“For women, the need, or ability to be funny is tremendously less than it is for men.”

“If [men] can’t make [women] laugh they are out of the evolutionary contest. They are never going to get laid…With women, there is no need to be rendering yourself attractive to men [with humor]. We already find you attractive, thanks.”