An Open Letter To Real Guys Everywhere

Retrosexuals are in.

Feminists are a cancer to men everywhere.  With their constant nagging, totally biased opinions, and across the board un-attractiveness, I think we can all agree that not being in the same room as them is pleasing in itself.

However, there’s another threat to men out there, and this one hits even closer to home.  It’s members of our own gender.  I’m talking about the overly feminine male known as the “metrosexual.”

You know the type.  These dudes will do their eyebrows, spend hours in the bathroom fixing their hair and walk the line between homosexual and heterosexual so finely that they should have an act in the circus walking the tightrope.

It’s no doubt that men over the years have become more and more feminized.  Just look at the television shows popular in today’s society.  But there’s a remedy for this disease.

There are still pockets of men who care less about their appearance, and more about their character.  These are the same type of men who give a middle finger to political correctness, routinely make their voices heard, and shut down loud mouthed feminists on every corner without being worried about the consequences of exposing the truth.

If I had to label it, I’m, of course, talking about the ‘retrosexual’ male.  These guys still care about values.  They respect their women, and don’t let pussy control their lives.  They don’t give a damn if their shirt doesn’t match their pants, because at the end of the day, they know there’s more important things in life to care about than being society’s eye candy!

Men, I’m writing this to you because I want you to be retro.  I want you to be a man, not some feminine hybrid with a penis.  I want you to stand for what you believe in, not what society wants you to believe in.  Because, believe it or not guys, there are still women out there who respect a man with confidence.  There’s still women out who want a REAL man to hold them at night, not some wimpy fuck who spends even more time in front of the mirror than they do.

Stay true to yourselves guys.

Rant over.

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