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Lena Dunham Just Set Radical Feminists Back 40 Years And We Love Her For It

Come On, Lena…

Lena Dunham has hit rock bottom. From becoming a TV star with a show that (even though we hate to admit it) a few hundred radical feminists enjoyed to this… tweeting selfies of herself looking downtrodden on the toilet for attention (see below).

At least she had the decency to delete the the horrible photo, but alas, the damage has been done as she continues her descent into madness, shrinking into irrelevancy.

From Heat Street:

The socially aware star and ardent Hillary Clinton supporter never shies away from flashing her bits upon us at every opportunity.

But now Lena has shocked even the most jaded observers, after she shared a snap of herself Monday night slouched on the toilet, underwear pulled down, pouting loutishly at the camera as she presumably performs a bodily function.

The 30 year-old took to Instagram to share this intimate moment with her 2.8 million followers.

In it, she is seen posing with her thighs slightly ajar and her hands between her legs in a suggestive gesture, as she (presumably) relieves herself and flushes away her sorrows about Donald Trump…

Admitting that her boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff, took the picture….

Recently, Dunham posted a series of drunken video rants on Instagram, in which the raging feminist called herself as “a human wastebasket” and “wastoid” after drinking one and a half glasses of wine. She has attributed her begotten state to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the general election.

First of all, what kind of man takes a picture of his girlfriend on the toilet? Is Lena’s boyfriend secretly an undercover meninist trying to discredit her? Why is she still dating him? Who tweeted the photo? So many questions.

In the meantime, we’re going to sit back, eat a sandwich, and enjoy her downward spiral while watching an episode of Girls to remind us of the good old days. Oh how the mighty have fallen…

H/T: Heat Street

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