SJW Troll Proves Her Own Idiocy By Getting Offended Over A Bobblehead Hula Doll

Los Angeles-based Social Justice Warrior, exclusive women’s sorority founder, and all-around obnoxious human being Annaliese Nielsen has found herself embroiled in an idiotic battle of her own making all because she decided to be offended by a bobblehead hula doll. Yes, you read that right.

Rebel Media commentator Lauren Southern recently uploaded a video recorded by Nielsen and sent to her by an anonymous source which shows Nielsen berating her Lyft driver for having the audacity to display the bobblehead on his dashboard.

Nielsen recorded the video with the intent (we can only assume) to bring herself some SJW fame, but it actually just exposes her for the mindless troll that she is.

In the video Nielsen can be heard harassing her driver for several minutes about the hula dancer on his dashboard.

“You thought that was adorable? You didn’t think about the pillaging of the, like, continent of Hawaii?” she asks, giving us a good taste of the elevated level of intelligent conversation that is to come.

Throughout the barrage the driver remains calm and collected, at one point mentioning that the most ridiculous part of the entire exchange is how offended Nielsen is getting over a little tchotchke.

“Um, because it’s a thing that actually affects my life, and a thing that doesn’t affect your life,” she retorts. (How? We still have no clue.)

Eventually the driver has had enough of Nielson’s vitriol and tells her she needs to get out of his car and find another way home.

“You’re going to experience this again, by the way,” she threatens.

Um, something tells me he’s not…

H/T: The Daily Wire

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