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Father Questions Sexist Parking Lot Sign on Twitter, Store Instantly Responds

Lawrence Killium

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Parenthood. That is a rather inclusive term, right?

Well, Justin Simard found himself in a predicament when taking his son to the supermarket. He tweeted a picture of himself in front a sign for a parking spot designated for “Expecting Mothers” and “Mothers with Small Children,” calling out the store. He wasn’t sure if he was allowed to park there, even if he had his kid with him.

“@sobeys crap, am I allowed to park here? #notababysitter #dadissues,” Justin humorously tweeted.

@sobeys crap, am I allowed to park here? #notababysitter #dadissues pic.twitter.com/NY3OkcBbnP — Justin Simard (@JustinSimard) August 21, 2017

Thankfully, Sobeys, the supermarket he tweeted at, responded by saying he was allowed there and would change the wording of the sign. 

You are definitely entitled to that parking spot, Justin! Which location was this so we can update the signage? #SuperDad — Sobeys (@sobeys) August 21, 2017
And thank you for letting us know! #selfiesFTW We’ll see you both in store 🙂 — Sobeys (@sobeys) August 21, 2017

It’s a small, and probably almost trivial victory for fathers. Or is it?

Simard found the previous sign a tad exclusive, citing that it leaves out single fathers or even same-sex couples. It’s 2017, what times are we living in, people? Even though the traditional parenting may be evolving in some fashion, it seems that fatherhood or “male parenting” is still on the wayside for egalitarians.

“My hope is that the sign was simply an echo of a thoughtless sexism that insists that raising children is ‘women’s work,’ and that people will realize that raising children is ‘parent’s work,’” he explained, adding that he believes people still have to overcome the subtle suggestions that dads aren’t involved parents.

Perhaps the old sense of fatherhood hasn’t completely gone away, where the traditional nuclear family had a father that worked to provide for the family while the mother did the domestic duties. But this is the same crap you see in Leave it to Beaver re-runs. It’s the current year and things have changed. Or it has evolved into a stigma. Fathers are still seemingly placed on the sidelines, even though society has found more ways of fathers being more involved with their children. Single dads, just like single moms, often fill two roles in one, but society emphasizes single moms more often. Is it fair that Mr. Jones has to park farther back while Mrs. Simmons can park right in the front and waltz in?

Companies have been in recent days shifting their terminology to include dads, and using words like “Parents” and “Family” instead of “Mothers.” It’s a good thing. Not just because some of us are trying to push for a “dad agenda” but because parenting should be open to both of the sexes. Getting rid of sexist wording includes getting rid of signs that target only mothers.

Aaron Gouveia said it best, “just make it ‘parents.'”

This kind of crap obviously isn’t the most egregious wrong in the world but it’s still stupid and unnecessary. Just make it “parents.” #dads https://t.co/KPx0fsgDIq — Aaron Gouveia (@DaddyFiles) August 22, 2017

What do you think? Is this a step in the right direction? Is this a dumb thing to complain about? Let us know!