Jealous Ex Only Got 9 Months in Jail After “Completely Ruining” His Life

Lawrence Killium

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We’ve all had crazy exes at one point or another, but this guy’s ex takes “crazy” to a whole new level.

This girl posed as police officers and used fear and intimidation to control her ex-boyfriend for two years.

Jilted Lauren Adderley, 21, used what has been called “sophisticated catfish style behavior” to convince her ex that he was involved in a police investigation.

As part of the facade, she convinced him that he had to follow curfews that restricted him from going to bars on weekends and that he wasn’t allowed to speak to female coworkers.

During this time, she’d stop her ex from seeing both his friends and from trying to start new relationships with other girls.

She even went as far as starting profiles as other friends of hers to harras him about seeing other women.

The two were involved in a brief sexual relationship back in 2014, which he broke off after 2 months. Desperate to control him, she told him that she had been the victim of a crime, and asked if he would provide a statement. At that point, she started impersonating an officer named “Robert Hay.”

Since then, she tried ruining his life using three different email addresses supposedly connected to three different nonexistent officers.

Luckily, she’s been jailed for nine months on the charges of stalking and impersonating a police officer.

As part of the sentence, she isn’t allowed to see her ex, and she’s banned from using the internet on a device where she’s able to delete the browsing history.

When sentencing her, the judge said:

“I do not know what was going through your mind in December 2014 but at that time you decided to deliberately adopt the persona of a police officer to contact Mitchell Lloyd.

At that time, he did not want a relationship with you. For two years you controlled Mitchell Lloyd’s life, to the extent that you told him where he could go and who he could go out with.

Mitchell Lloyd was told that if he did not abide by what he was being told to do that there would sanctions of around £3,000 for him to pay.

You took on the personas of numerous different police officers in a bid to control Mr. Lloyd’s life.

He was aged between 18 and 22 at this time, and he abided by what you told him to do.

He believed that he was being sent emails by genuine police officers and that these were real demands that he had to follow.

In his victim impact statement, he said that he felt pressurized, blackmailed and had no freedom for two years. He felt isolated from his friends and depressed.

These are serious crimes, as he could not live his life properly during the two years that you committed these offenses.

You did that for your own benefit, whatever that may have been.”

Now, to be fair, it does take a certain kind of idiot to think that the police enforce laws purely by email, but she’s still a manipulative bitch, and I’m glad she’s behind bars where she belongs.