Obese “Activist” Pitches Twitter Fit After Seeing Lane Bryant Marketing Campaign

Lawrence Killium


Fat positivity “model” Tess Holiday has tried once again to normalize obesity by going on a rant against clothing advertising campaigns for not using fat enough models.

“Please 👏🏻 use 👏🏻 visibly 👏🏻 plus 👏🏻 size 👏🏻 models 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 campaigns 👏🏻 and 👏🏻 stop 👏🏻 showing 👏🏻us 👏🏻the 👏🏻 same 👏🏻 damn 👏🏻 body types 👏🏻”

Please 👏🏻 use 👏🏻 visibly 👏🏻 plus 👏🏻 size 👏🏻 models 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 campaigns 👏🏻 and 👏🏻 stop 👏🏻 showing 👏🏻us 👏🏻the 👏🏻 same 👏🏻 damn 👏🏻 body types 👏🏻 — Tess Holliday 🥀 (@Tess_Holliday) July 31, 2017

She then posted this to Instagram, hoping that she’d get a flood of compliments:

When the internet calls you a fat slob so you gotta show em who who’s boss also I’m rly tempted to chop off my hair like dis #effyourbeautystandards

Some think she was triggered by this photo from Lane Bryant:

So Lane Bryant caters towards fatties and helps promote their unhealthy lifestyle, and she bitches that these women aren’t fat enough?

Tess, I want to see you start a brand of clothing that only uses disgusting models your size, and see how much positive buzz your campaign creates (or, more importantly, how much clothing you sell as a result.)

Luckily, sane people were on Twitter that day, and she got roasted:

“Please👏🏻 regularize 👏🏻 obesity 👏🏻” — carson. (@TheMarcantelio) August 1, 2017

Her husband tried to come to her defense:

pic.twitter.com/TdIS0DUEzv — Nick Holliday (@nickhollidayco) August 1, 2017

And he was instantly roasted:

umm nah that word fits — carson. (@TheMarcantelio) August 1, 2017
not through the door — preston (@psynote) August 1, 2017
pic.twitter.com/7UGu0EnWmF — 🐢Bing (@tea_bing) August 1, 2017

After that, the roasting continued:

No. We do not need more unhealthy people — Robert Torres (@TorresRtorres10) July 31, 2017
This is what her followers believe is healthy weight?! Fucking disgusting is what it is. Doubt it’s true that she works out 5 times a week pic.twitter.com/eZJaDMMOtP — Robert Torres (@TorresRtorres10) August 1, 2017
Clap all you want, still doesn’t make this right.
Glad you accept yourself.
People should want to look healthy.
Stop confusing our youth. — Johnny Darcalli (@Darcalli) July 31, 2017
Demanding society cater to you is a mental illness. — Dailey 🦅 (@The_Dailey) August 1, 2017
An apple a day keeps the plaque away (from major arteries and vessels) Die in a way that is epic, dont die because of morbid obesity pic.twitter.com/T5lC6XbVTB — That Skinny Bitch (@MuddPuttle) August 1, 2017
It would require an entire village — That Skinny Bitch (@MuddPuttle) August 1, 2017
Yes lets encourage more obesity. Its not a health problem that’s seriously hurting this country. Its all about image, yup — Pants Are Offensive (@PantsAreOff) August 1, 2017
How about no? Promoting plus size models is a bad idea. It normalizes fatness and worsens the public’s health. Promote fitness instead. — SSJ Rosé Black Goku (@Rjhd64) July 31, 2017