6 Ways Women Are Not Equal To Men

Tugg Johnson

Man Things

We always hear about the patriarchy oppressing women, putting them in unfair and unequal situations that benefit men in every aspect of life. The problem is, if that were true, men would live longer, easier, less stress filled lives than women. Here are six ways women are not equal to men, we doubt feminists will complain:

1. Combat Deaths – 97% Male / 3% Female

You’re 32x more likely to die in combat as a man than if you’re a woman.

2. Suicide Victims – 80% Male / 20% Female

You’re 4 times more likely to kill yourself if you’re a man than if you’re a women.

3. Homicide Victims – 76% Male / 24% Female

You’re 3 times more likely to be murdered as a man, than as a woman.

4. Industrial Deaths – 93% Men / 7% Women

Work at a factory? You’re 13x more likely to die on the job as a man.

5. Average Prison Term – 51 Months for Men, 18 for Women

You’ll spend almost 3x longer in jail if you commit a crime as a man!

6. Winner of Custody – 18% Male, 82% Female

Have kids? If you’re a man you’re 5x less likely to win custody than if you were a woman.