5 Dumbest Displays Of Feminist Logic

Boyd Markham

Around the Internet

In case you weren’t already aware, there’s some dumb-ass feminists out there. Not only is their stupidity on full display in them choosing to be a feminist, but they come off to be even bigger idiots when they actually have to defend their views. I think these next five “feminists” prove my point.

1: Yes means…IDK anymore.

No means no? Ok.

Yes sometimes means no? I’m not sure I follow.

So people are supposed to telepathically read your mind to figure out your intentions? And so you need feminism to fix this? So many questions, so few answers, as is the case with most feminists’ logic.

2: QueenofBadLogic

Ah, another classic example of elementary school logic.  Hint: you can choose whether you go through an operation to cut your dick off; you can’t choose to not be 10 years old.

3: TL;DR: No

How much brainpower did it take to produce this piece?  She almost fooled…well, no one.

4: Don’t worry, no one is listening.

I swear, some of these women have to be trolling.  Why the hell are you making a sign if you don’t need to explain yourself?!

5: False rape accusations? Not a big deal, apparently.

False rape claims?  Come on now, let’s focus on the real issues.  It’s not like falsely accusing a guy of rape would ruin their life and it’s not like it would delegitimize real rape claims.